FIAT : Topless

Commercial for the new FIAT Abarth Cabrio. Small, wicked, and now....topless.

RAM : Giants

RAM - Giants & Rodeo

Directors cuts for RAM trucks 2012.
Includes the motocross champ Carey Hart and bull rider Beau Hill.
VO by the great cowboy actor Sam Elliot.
Shot in Montana, Wyoming and California.

Recipe For A Download
  • Be Prepared Full Film
  • Earth Drawer
  • The Horn Is Blown
  • Say It With Flowers
  • PocketRadio ID - The Hermit Of Rodez

Recipe For A Download

Yet another short film from and for PocketRadio.Org
A cooking show from a different kitchen.
"I pushes the hippo through the mineshaft"

Cast - Frank Schneider
Director - Jeffery Plansker
Writers - Owen O'Toole & Jeffery Plansker
DP - Neil Shapiro
AD - John Churchill