Sony Aibo : Athletic Balls
  • Sony Aibo : Grab Ass
  • Sony Aibo : Possums
  • Sony Aibo : Stake Out
  • Sony Aibo : Spider Monkey

Sony Aibo

Sony Aibo 1999.
Sometime around 1999 Sony introduced a robotic pet dog named Aibo.
The marketing effort for Aibo included a series of "viral" ads meant to
be spread about the internet via the ad agency Y&R.
This was many delivery systems ago and long before HD anything.

The Horn Is Blown
  • PocketRadio ID - The Hermit Of Rodez

The Horn Is Blown

PocketRadio. A station ID that previews 3 films to follow. This "spot" stars Frank Schneider as the vocorded mailman. Music by the High Llamas.

PocketRadio - Ingestus Digitalus

Click frame to view.

Lady Grey

Lady Grey Grey

The CPA's of America banded together to start a campaign aimed at encouraging the citizenry to save rather than spend. From this was born the "Feed The Pig" series of PSA's and a latex snout.


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