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A night with Weazleteen and Bozo

Alias Books East, Atwater Village, Los Angeles CA.
Grey Wall Series -  Sept 7, 2012
One artist - one wall - one piece.

Astronaut With Wheel . A night with Weazleteen and Bozo.
Suitable For Framing
This singular – or - four part poster is a kind of retro fitted “lint screen” of my surface memory and habit of language play, quickly assembled after two years of relentless travel, translation and scribbling.

The idea here was to name this Grey Wall show first, then make a piece of work to fit the title; backwards as a kind of deadline based assignment that is part *Subvertising part jet lag.

A familar process based on years in advertising.
Speaking of which, the slick nature of advertising colliding with the personally absurd has always interested and helped me cope with the relentless agenda of obvious communication.
Think Captain Beefheart on Madison Ave.
I often get phrases stuck in my head that accompany me for years, and these two seemed to be useful for this show.
Astronaut With Wheel . A night with Weazleteen and Bozo.
Perhaps my next piece will carry the terms “Hot Blocks”, “Hashimoto Diaper Cliff” or “Jack Wolfskin – Upgrade” and dictate the visuals to follow. I hope so.

Anyways - you get the idea.

*Subvertising - the candy nobody wants.
Created in 1988, Subvertising is a direct reply to the strategy of mass communication by creating a kind of missed communication. In doing so, it gives us a chance to see the all too often retread cliches of the industry as a whole. As Punk was to Disco, Subvertising is to Advertising.