Pimlico Glorria Final

Pimlico Glorria

The sequence goes - Pimlico Glorria - Ragtop Nelson - Ringworm Billy.
Subvertisment for Pimlico Glorria. The name as recognizable as Coke.

Be Prepared Full Film

PocketRadio : Be Prepared

Falling somewhere between Jacques Tati and an homage to John Cage ; a small film for PocketRadio.
Thanks for listening.

Cast - Frank Schneider
Director - Jeffery Plansker
Writers - Owen O'Toole & Jeffery Pansker
DP - Neil Shapiro
AD - John Churchill
Producer - Tina Nakane/Supply&Demand
Art Director - Carl Swanberg



We like to include the utterly homemade and never seen here at Pocket Studio. In this case a simple CD case cover design for a mix.
That's it. Not much more to say.