Say It With Flowers
  • The Horn Is Blown
  • PocketRadio ID - The Hermit Of Rodez

Say It With Flowers

A PocketRadio ad that recycles (remixes) the oldest tag line in the industry. FDT's "Say it with flowers".
Subvertising meets advertising in a head on toes up collision.

Edward Jones

Edward Jones

A collage cut of the Edward Jones Television campaign.

Agency : C-K Chicago
Director : Jeffery Plansker
DP : Neil Shapiro
Annimation/Design : Heather Ben-Zvi
Editor : Noah Herzog
Music : Azymuth 


Radiohead : Stop Whispering

Stills from the music video "Stop Whispering" - Radiohead.
From the LP Pablo Honey; Thom Yorke, blonde and bold.